Hours and Policies

Hours of Operation: 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday (Winter); 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday (Summer)

Labor Cost: Shop and Tractor - $100 per hour. Husqvarna - $75 per hour.

Propane Cost per Gallon: varies in price call office for current cost

Delivery: This occurs when item is paid in full, loan funded and/or the check (if written) has cleared the bank.

Returns: 30 days from purchase date Item must be in original (new) condition with receipt.

Refunds: Refunds will be provided on deposits BUT a credit charge will apply ($500 or less, $10 charge; over $500, $25 charge).

Product Price: Prices on items may change based on unforeseen conditions. Hitchin' Post can NOT guarantee original quoted prices.

Warranty (defined as manufacturer defect): Hitchin' Post works with the manufacturer to assist customers and provide coverage per their warranty. Upon purchase of item, customer accepts condition of unit and cosmetic issues do not fall under warranty repair.

No Warranty for used items sold by Hitchin' Post TTS.

Shop warranty on labor and work is 60 days. Customer must bring the item repaired back to the shop to repair within this period of time.

Tire mounting will only be done on tires purchased by Hitchin' Post.

Trailers, tractors and equipment not picked up or paid for after 60 days will become property of Hitchin' Post TTS to recover the cost of repair and storage.

Storage Fee for repair trailers, tractors and equipment left after 60 days is $60 per month.


Please contact us via email ([email protected]) with any questions.




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